What is a Pirate’s Favorite Parrot?

Scarlet macaws flying free (Photo: ARCAS)
Co-written with Chelsea Wellmer, AmeriCorps Visitor Engagement Member  The scarrrr-let macaw, of course! Forgive us for the corny joke, but it is Talk Like a Pirate Day. Terrible jokes aside, the scarlet macaw is [...]

Announcing the Internal Conservation Grant Fund Awards

Black swallowtail butterfly on a purple coneflower (Photo: Kathy Newton)
Each year, the Zoo provides employees an opportunity to request financial support for in-situ wildlife conservation or conservation education projects through the Internal Conservation Grants Fund. Once again, the Conservation Committee received many outstanding applications [...]

Boosting Scarlet Macaw Populations in Guatemala

Scarlet macaws flying free (Photo: ARCAS)
For years, the Zoo has supported scarlet macaw conservation in Guatemala through the Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Centre (ARCAS). ARCAS is pleased to announce the first ever release of endangered scarlet macaws (Ara macao cyanoptera) [...]